How much cost building pool in your garden?

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Update time : 2019-09-30 14:17:44
Today we will talk how much cost to build one pool in your garden?
let us Start with the cheapest inflatable pool, I don't think I have to say too much to buy back to play with the children at home is still very good, dozens of euros can buy one, the best choice for entry-level!

The next one is the kind of above-ground swimming pool that does not need to be excavated. In fact, I think this is quite practical. The fence made of wood, if it is well designed, is also beautiful. The starting price of 4 meters x 4 meters is about 4000 is acceptable.

The another spa-style swimming pool on the ground is similar to jacuzzi, but it is a little bigger than jacuzzi. The price is around 15,000 euros. The swimming pool has a variety of water-jet massage effects, which is very enjoyable - but all the massage functions inside. It is all about power consumption, and the electricity bill can be spent a lot of money. This is another cost.

This one is more professional needs to dig the pool in the garden. The construction website Livios consulted Guillaume, the head of LPW Pools, the market leader in custom swimming pools in Belgium, who gave us answers to the professional pool fees. The good news is, "There was at least 80,000 euros in building a pool like this, but now even half of the money is not needed."

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