How to handle outdoor pool after Rainy

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Update time : 2019-09-19 18:00:34
When the outdoor swimming pool hits the rain, most people will leave the swimming pool, and the water level of the pool will drop accordingly. Many pool water quality administrators will close the water supply valve at this time, and want to use rainwater to make up the loss of water. In fact, this is It is unwise to use these rainwaters as acid rain or alkali rain containing a lot of invisible impurities and green algae spores, fertilizers, etc. Replenishing water with rainwater will cause changes in water quality (especially showers, convective washing of air) The rain will clean the air around the pool containing soot, exhaust, minerals, leaves, insects, green algae spores, lightning-ionized ammonia nitrogen, aircraft and motor vehicles with incomplete combustion. It will make the rainy acid or alkaline. In addition, there will be insects such as cockroaches and cockroaches after the rain. If you enter the swimming pool, you will quickly consume a lot of chlorine in the pool and die, which will cause rancid smell when the sun appears after the rain. The chlorine-deficient metal minerals in the pool are multiplied by the oxidation of air and the photosynthesis of algae, and finally the water in the pool is discolored.), follow-up treatment Fee of chemicals and effort will be greater losses than gains. Therefore, in the case of rain, the following preparations should be made:

Before the rain:

Do your homework in advance to understand the quality of the rainwater in the area where the pool is located (acid rain or alkali rain, etc.).
In the rain:

Quickly fill the water level, let the lighter rainwater overflow from the pool surface, make up the total alkalinity of the pool water which is reduced by the hydration, to prevent the acidity/alkali change caused by acid rain/alkaline rain. If there is a water surface returning water close to the water return valve, reduce rainwater mixing into the pool.

After the rain:

Clean the area around the swimming pool to prevent reptiles such as cockroaches and cockroaches from running into the swimming pool, picking up the leaves and other debris in the pool water, and then SHOCK (shock treatment) on the swimming pool water, accompanied by the use of clarifying agent, increasing the filter The load capacity prevents the green algae from splitting and proliferating due to the acquisition of fertilizer and the release of metal ions such as iron and manganese, resulting in discoloration of the pool water. if you want know more details about it, welcome to contact us:   email:   whatsapp: 008618565368026