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11cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm Anti-wave Swimming Pool Lane Rope Swimming Pool Float Line

Material: Polyethylene
Length: can customize
Normal size: 25 or 50m
Weight: 25m: 17.5kgs, 50m: 35kgs
25m Package size: 130*50*48cm
50m Package size: 183*60*55cm
Color: Red, Yellow,Blue
Gurantee: 1 year



The way of the swimming pool water lines divided into:International standard swimming pool is 50 meters long, at least 21 meters wide, 1.80 meters deep.Article 8 lanes, 2.50 meters wide, each lane divider by 5 ~ 10 cm in diameter can be connected with the single buoy.
1. To athletes in training or competition does not interfere with each other
2. Increase the utilization rate of the swimming pool
3. Slow down the flow velocity

4.Good quality float line 
5.Durable lane material 
6.Best price of lane rope 
7.11cm,12cm,15cm dia are offered




1.Our lane line have a nice design and good appearance with bright color.
The flotage designs according to hydraulic power. The lane line floating
part absorb the energy of water to reduce the waves.
2.Using newest high density low pressure polyethylene material with anti UV
coating on it making it long working life.
3.All accessories including rope, tensioner, hook and built-in fittings are
using 304 stainless steel material.




Model No. L6
Length 25cm,50cm(can be customized)
Packing size 130*50*48cm,183*60*55cm
Weight ≥17.5kg;≥35kg
Diameter 11cm,12cm,15cm
Color red+blue+yellow(can be custmized)


Type  swimming pool rope
Brand Finn forest
Model number L6
Place of Oringin Guangdong,China
Rope Material Stainless Steel & Nylon
Material ABS

Wire material

Nylon wire or stainless steel wire
Length 25m/ 50m(can be customized)
Color red/blue/yellow(can be customized)
Packing size


Weight >17.5kg; >35kg



Popular International Standard swimming pool lane rope for wholesalePopular International Standard swimming pool lane rope for wholesalePopular International Standard swimming pool lane rope for wholesale