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Factory ABS /PP swimming pool drain grate,swimming pool plastic grating

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工 shape
Item: swimming pool grating
Color: white
Type: Single socket
Material: PP
Width: 18, 20,25,30cm
Use: swimming pool
Packing: 10m or 20m/carton

Basic Information

1. swimming pool gratings covered with diamond embossed, has a very good anti slip effect, convex edge is soft, easy to clean.
2.swimming pool gratings is used in PVC, ABS and plastic material, with superior corrosion resistance and toughness, reliable quality, long service life.
3. grid stable size and good surface gloss.
4. can be customized according to customer needs color, customer selectivity


  • 1. Powerful factory
    2. High quality & best price
    3. Swimming pool essential equipment
    4. Easy to install
    5. Materia: PVC/ABS
    6. Width: 18cm/20cm/25cm/30cm