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inground one complete swimming pool filter compact

inground one complete swimming pool filter compact
All in one Swimming pool filtration system Buried integrative inground swim pool filter :
In-ground filter is made of fiberglass and polyvinyl chloride, with reasonable design which ispractical and durable.
The in-ground filter does not need a machine room, saving a lot of construction cost and saving maintenance cost, also being easy to operate.
This type of filter box has large flow rate and was manufactured according to swimming pool specifications and standards.
Green color upper cover makes it being harmony with the surroundings.


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The Company has import and export rights, and products are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South
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certification system and ISO 9001 certification system, etc. The Company has tens of millions of annual sales, and, at the same
time, maintains a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with local dealers.

Constantino Carvalho
Nov 24, 2023
Please provide quotation for swimming pool with following size: 10 meters x 5 meters and maximum depth 2 meters (flat model) * Machine house equipment; * Swimming pool non-slip borders 30 meters; * White blue ceramic cover; * Table water fountain * 4 rangs lader
Sep 29, 2021
Хочу купить систему фильтрации для бассейна, подсветку для бассейна