The benefits of winter swimming!

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Update time : 2019-11-11 14:46:14
Doing gymnastics for blood vessels
When the winter swimming is launched, the capillaries of the skin shrink with the movement, swimming in the cold water of the tibia, the blood accelerates and flows, and the alternating heat and cold can improve the elasticity of the blood vessels. Therefore, the winter swimming is also called "vascular gymnastics." ". At the same time, when the person is swimming, the body is in a horizontal state, and the heart and the lower limbs are on a horizontal surface, so that the blood does not have to overcome the effect of gravity when flowing back from the large vein to the atrium, which creates favorable conditions for blood circulation and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. .

Increase ventilatory function
The pressure on the chest during swimming is 120 to 150 Newtons, which brings difficulties to breathing. Long-term winter swimming exercise can increase the breathing depth and increase the lung capacity. The vitality of an excellent swimmer can reach 5000-7000 ml, while the average healthy man is around 3500 ml.

Improve the immune system
People who often go for winter swimming have fewer colds. That is because winter swimming will increase human enzyme activity. The higher the enzyme activity level, the stronger the immunomodulatory function of interferon, because it has obvious fitness and rickets.

Exercise the will of the person
Because of the large temperature difference, the winter swimming requires a strong psychological preparation. It jumps out of the warm bed and jumps into the cold cold water. This is called the “quenching” movement. It is unimaginable for ordinary people. People who often swim in winter have cold tolerance. Strong, every time you overcome your inner fear, it is also the process of constantly improving your will.

Beauty skin care emollient
Winter swimming, carried out in water, high humidity, good moisture and maintenance for the skin. Swimming can not only moisturize, but also the effect of water on the skin! Swimming often, you can plump your chest muscles, build your body, and give you a healthy, well-balanced natural beauty.

Make people happy
Jumping into the water and returning to nature can feel a special pleasure. During the winter swimming, the adrenaline surge, which will make people feel refreshed, body and mind can relax, jump into the water, return to nature can feel a special pleasure. This is the endorphin (selfin) released by the brain.